A Beginner’s Guide to TryHards NFTs

Beginner’s Guide

Hey TryHards!

We have put together this quick guide so you can get the best out of TryHards from the get-go. Here, you will find all the relevant information you need on how to get your first Fanatics and Weapons, and how to level them up. Let’s get started!

Getting Fanatics and Weapons

Fanatics and their Weapons are the heart and soul of TryHards, and an NFT of each is necessary to participate in the Arena. But how can you get these coveted NFTs so a Fanatic can fight for you? First, you will need to pay a visit to the Smuggler. You can do this through the Smuggler page on the web platform. Once the game is released, you will be able to access the Smuggler in-game at his shop on the Plaza.

Smuggler page

Once you purchase a Fanatic or Weapon from the Smuggler, you will receive a lootbox containing an NFT. You will always receive an NFT upon purchasing a lootbox. The content of the lootbox is determined by a smart contract via Chainlink’s virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) function. This takes place in three simple steps:

  1. You will be assigned a random NFT from the existing Fanatic/Weapon pool. Currently, there are 20 Fanatics and 10 Weapons you can get.
  2. Chainlink’s VRF function will determine the quality level of your NFT. Higher quality NFTs are rarer and thus less likely to drop.
  3. The VRF function will finally assign a base Power stat to your NFT, within the range associated with its quality level

NFT Quality and Universe Power

TryHards NFTs come in six levels of quality, ranging from Normal to Legendary. The quality of NFTs cannot be changed, but they can be leveled up by increasing their Universe Power (UP). We will explain how to do that further in this article.

The NFT drop rate is different for each level of quality: the higher the quality, the lower the chance of a drop. On top of that, the supply for NFTs differs depending on their level of quality. NFTs of the lowest three levels of quality (Normal, Refined, and Unique) are infinite and will be continuously available. As we go up in quality, NFTs purchasable from the Smuggler become limited in supply. The Base Power, that is, the initial UP assigned to your NFT will be dependent on its quality. The table below shows the drop rate, supply amount (per Fanatic/Weapon), and assignable UP for each quality level:

LootBox Drop rates

What if I get a low-quality NFT?

Worry not. TryHards aims to be a fair game for all of its players, so unlucky draws will be compensated with a reward in crystals of random quality levels. Crystals can be used to level up your NFTs, and can also be combined or broken down in the Refinery. Three crystals can be combined to create one crystal one quality level higher, and one crystal can be broken down into two crystals of a lower level. The following table shows the crystal rewards for every NFT quality level:

NFT quality level

The drop rate for crystals of each quality corresponds to that of NFTs of the same quality, as shown in the table below:

Leveling Up Your NFTs

Hopefully, by now you already have a clear idea on how to get some Fanatic and Weapon NFTs from the Smuggler, so you can get started in the TryHards Metaverse. The next step, if you want to be successful and climb up the Leaderboard, is leveling up your NFTs by increasing their Universe Power. Your total UP doesn’t only determine your position on the Leaderboard, it also determines your share of the staking rewards pool. This guide will tell you all about Universe Power and how to use crystals in order to increase it.

Crystals and Leveling Up

Crystals, like NFTs, also come in six levels of quality. To level up, you will have to use crystals of the same quality level as your Fanatic/Weapon NFTs. As you invest more crystals, your UP will increase, and as you cross certain thresholds your NFT’s level will grow. Levels range from 1 to 50. As the level of your Fanatic NFT increases, they will learn important skills that you will be able to use in battle, choosing a maximum of two out of your available repertoire.

Where to Level Up

While you can level up your Fanatic and Weapons through the web platform’s Inventory page. You will also be able to do so in-game by visiting the Sensei, for Fanatics, and the Armory, for Weapons.

The Refinery

At the Refinery, you will be able to combine three crystals of the same quality to make one higher-level one. For example, three Normal-quality crystals will get you a Refined one, and with three Refined ones, you can craft a Unique one, etc. Similarly, you can also break down a crystal of higher quality into three of a lower quality level.

Skill is King

Keep in mind that TryHards is, and always will be, a skill-based game. While your UP is important for the Leaderboard and your staking rewards, it will not affect your chances at the Arena beyond the skills your Fanatic will learn as they level up. That will always remain up to your gaming abilities.

There you go, Tryhards! Now you know how to get your first Fanatics and Weapons, level them up, and have them learn new skills. For a detailed guide on how to earn income from TryHards, as well as how to earn crystal rewards by providing liquidity [follow this blog: link to be added soon]. See you in the Arena!

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