Felice Tryhidad Day 6

Dear Tryhardians,

we are thrilled with the positive feedback we received from the last events. It has been nearly 1 week since we started our Felice TryHidad Christmas calendar. It is time for a small recap:


  • We introduced two events: The Super Galaxy Hunt & The TryGame
  • We burned 300k $TRY token (from the Lootbox Sale — as per the contract)
  • We shared a game development update
  • We introduced an update on our dAPP which is now live

It is time to share another exciting news!

We are honored to announce that TryHards joined in a partnership with Spintop.

What is Spintop?

Spintop is a blockchain-exclusive gaming platform. It is an environment where the community can discover and play games, trade their tokens & NFTs, and earn together within a shared economy by the moderation of a carefully curated MMR mechanism. The platform allows game developers, gamers, and investors to experience blockchain gaming to the fullest with the help of the following innovative products.

  1. Gamepedia
  2. Spindex
  3. Guild Maker
  4. NFT Marketplace

TryHards X Spintop

TryHards is exhilarated to have the opportunity to work with Spintop. We believe that this collaboration adds huge value to the whole blockchain gaming economy. TryHards has come a long way and the alliances we made in the process have been strong support in the development of TryHards. Having the same core values, we look forward to working with Spintop and bringing a positive shift in the industry.

“Spintop had a really successful TGE and their concept and the products they are offering are very likely to change the blockchain gaming industry. What I could experience was that the team is very dedicated and hard-working. They have amazing ideas and their product palette is really interesting for us”.

Thomas, CEO of TryHards

To learn more about Spintop, check out the following links:

To learn more about TryHards, check out the following links:

Website | YouTube | Medium | Twitter | Telegram| Discord




Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.

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