Felice Tryhidad Piñata Day 3

Felice Tryhidad Piñata

Dear TryHardians,

We are proud to announce a new TryHards event: the Felice Tryhidad Piñata!

Over the course of 4 games, we will select a number of winners who will receive an awesome prize. Everyone in the community is eligible to join this event.

Each game will have specific criteria in order to advance to the next round. TryHardians who don’t meet those criteria will be eliminated and will have no chance to earn the game’s prize.

The more people are eliminated, the higher the prices for the remaining players.

Next week, we will announce the first Piñata game. As of now, the only condition to join the Piñata games is being in our community and waiting for further announcements.

Stay tuned, TryHardians. Kazar Claus is coming to town!

To learn more about TryHards, check out the following links:

Website | YouTube | Medium | Twitter | Telegram| Discord



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