Launching the TryHards Weekend Frenzy! Weekly Lootbox Opening Contest

1 min readApr 8, 2022


Hey TryHards!

Spring has swept in with a whirlwind of good news, and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s coming later this month.

As we brace ourselves for our much-awaited Alpha release at the end of April, we have decided to introduce a little weekly competition to keep our players’ competitive instincts sharp.

Behold the TryHards Weekend Frenzy!

Every weekend — between Saturday 00:00 CET and Monday 00:00 CET — we will award a prize for the two best lootbox openings: Best Fanatic and Best Weapon.

The player who receives the Fanatic with the highest quality and base power from a Lootbox opening will be rewarded with an Enhanced Lootbox, and the same goes for the player who receives the best Weapon.

The event will run for the whole month, and will ultimately conclude on Monday, May 9th at 00:00 CET.

Crack’ em boxes open, TryHards!

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