Metaverse Alliance Announcement: TryHards & Kommunitas

TryHards Metaverse Alliance with Kommunitas

We are glad to announce that TryHards and Kommunitas have joined together in a metaverse alliance to elevate blockchain gaming. The list of collaborations and partnerships of TryHards keep on increasing to develop and launch the blockchain shooter game successfully.

TryHards is the biggest NFT based cross-chain blockchain action game with Chainlink VRF that is currently developing on the Polygon network. Being a solution for multi-chain-oriented projects, Kommunitas will be a huge benefit to the future developments of TryHards.

About Kommunitas

Kommunitas is a unique decentralized tier-less launchpad that focuses on offering solutions to multi-chain-oriented projects by providing an organic way of fundraising across the blockchains. It offers equal opportunities to developers for launching their projects on Kommunita’s platform.

Kommunitas aims to revolutionize fundraising in the digital ecosystem by providing a seamless platform to blockchain developers. The multi-chain protocol which supports ETH, BNB, HECO, and MATIC will allow projects to draw investments from all over the crypto community.

Currently, the platform supports only Matic Mainnet and its token KOM is created on Matic Mainnet as an MRC20 token. Kommunitas is planning to add other popular chains such as Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Chain, etc as a part of its growth strategy.

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About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter game powered by the Polygon network. The TryHards game takes place on Planet X. The users of TryHards will be playing the game as ‘fanatics’. When users engage and win as many fights as possible, they can upgrade the characters and weapons.

The more fights players win, the greater will be the ‘power’ gained. It can be staked to earn TRY native tokens. TryHards also has a marketplace that enables trading fanatics, crystals, weapons among the community members. Having an exceptional interface and gaming experience, TryHards allows its users to ‘Play Win Earn’.

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