MMCrypto Joins TryHards As an Advisor To Foster Blockchain Gaming

TryHards joins hands with MMCrypto

Virtual drum rolls as we are excited to announce that we are pairing up with MMCrypto as a strategic partner to take TryHards to the masses. Blockchain gaming is set to turn mainstream as this association with MMCrypto is bound to elevate the experience to a whole new level.

One of the most popular crypto YouTube channels, MMCrypto’s experience spreads across the lengths and breadths of the dynamic cryptocurrency industry. This partnership will enable TryHards to pick the brains of MMCrypto to provide a pristine gaming experience to the users.

Why MMCrypto?

With more than 50 Million content views, MMCrypto’s popularity in the crypto industry is unquestionable. With a fine mixture of crypto-related tutorials, analysis, and predictions, the 4-year old channel has carved its own niche in educating market participants. Apart from YouTube, MMCrypto’s private Telegram community is amongst the biggest with over 50000 members.

In the pursuit of building a knowledgeable community, MMCrypto has delved into key disciplines like technical and fundamental analysis in his channel. Likewise, the channel has also been unearthing promising blockchain projects and providing them a credible exposure to the crypto populace.

Led by Christopher Jaszczynski aka Chris MMCrypto, the channel is successfully educating naive participants while driving them away from succumbing to mere speculation or herd mentality. Also, Chris has appeared in several crypto and blockchain-related conferences as a keynote speaker and expert. His bylines have also been featured in top publications and media outlets.

Strategic Alliance for a Shared Vision

Through this partnership, Chris will be assisting the development of TryHards with his insights that are backed by his extensive experience. His exposure to a diverse variety of crypto projects will act as a catalyst for TryHards in creating an unparalleled gaming experience. Also, his social media reach and strong credibility in the online community would be ideal for TryHards to drastically improve its outreach.

A thriving community is an invaluable asset for any blockchain project. TryHards’ collaboration with MMCrypto will be a huge boost to the TryHards community. Chris with his educational yet engaging content shall be the window of entry for new crypto users to adopt TryHards and immerse themselves in a futuristic gaming experience.

TryHards: More Than Just a Game

TryHards is consistently working towards tapping into avenues of growth and expansion. Chris’s degree in Management and Economics, coupled with his experience is a virtual goldmine for us to explore opportunities to improve as a project. With this partnership, we are aligning ourselves with a trustworthy voice in the industry.

We are striving to realise our vision to provide gamers with a ‘Play | Win | Earn’ experience. And this partnership is a giant step forward as we head into the launch and beyond of TryHards.

About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-enabled blockchain-based shooter game powered by the Polygon network. With a simple Play — Win — Earn concept, TryHards allows players to monetize their game time. In-game characters, weapons, crystals, and fanatics can be sold or bought in TryHards’ native marketplace. In the pursuit of conquering Planet X, players can earn and stake TRY tokens.

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.