TryHards and Polemos Announce Collaboration & Featured Week

2 min readMay 30, 2022


TryHards and Polemos will be hosting joint events until the 5th of June

We are thrilled to announce that TryHards will be collaborating with Polemos, an incredibly promising gaming guild, as part of their featured week program. Throughout this week (May 30th to June 5th), we will be hosting joint events in our Discord channels so that our communities can get to know each other and learn about our projects. On top of that, we will be holding a giveaway of 100 Fanatic and Weapon NFTs. We hope this collaboration can develop into a long-term partnership so that we can work together to expand the ever-growing Metaverse.

About Polemos

Polemos’ overarching vision is to improve employment and education throughout the world by developing a global GameFi platform that builds investment and wealth in NFT games and other relevant blockchain technologies. A large focus in that regard will be on esports and competitive play in general.

The mission is to become one of the world’s leading decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), onboarding as many people as possible into the Metaverse, and bringing tens of millions of global digital Asset Providers and Gamers together inside a unified GameFi ecosystem.

Polemos was founded on a fervent belief that the gaming industry is racing towards one of the biggest revolutions in its history.

Featured Week

To kickstart our collaboration, we have launched a featured week with Polemos. The first event of the week will come on Tuesday, May 31st at 15:00 UTC in the form of an AMA on Polemos’ Discord channel. Later during the week, on Friday, June 3rd, we will be hosting Polemos on our own Discord. On top of that, there will be additional events we will be hosting jointly. Stay tuned on both our and Polemos’ socials so you don’t miss anything!

Polemos Discord
TryHards Discord

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