TryHards Announces Metaverse Alliance with The BlockMint

TryHards Joins The BlockMint in a Metaverse Alliance

We are happy to announce that TryHards is joining with The BlockMint in a metaverse alliance. By pairing up with The BlockMint, we are sure that TryHards will mark itself as a leading blockchain-based NFT platform in the community.

The BlockMint is a social media community that provides marketing services to crypto projects. The platform is backed by influencers and strategic thinkers who are going to play a crucial part in this association. This alliance helps TryHards in approaching the crypto ecosystem strategically to grow further. The vast network of influencers of the BlockMint is an advantage to TryHards to reach a broader audience.

The BlockMint actively lookout for the most promising and innovative early-stage projects to assist them in their development. Being an innovative shooter game, TryHards is glad to be associated with The BlockMint and looks forward to adding more gaming enthusiasts to the community.

About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter game powered by the Polygon network. The TryHards game takes place on Planet X. The users of TryHards will be playing the game as ‘fanatics’. When users engage and win as many fights as possible, they can upgrade the characters and weapons.

The more fights players win, the greater will be the ‘power’ gained. It can be staked to earn TRY native tokens. TryHards also has a marketplace that enables trading fanatics, crystals, weapons among the community members. Having an exceptional interface and gaming experience, TryHards allows its users to ‘Play Win Earn’.

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.