TryHards Dev Update — Arena Map, Designs and more

Our designers and developers are working through the holidays and the production process is picking up pace. In the past week, we have worked on improving the Arena Map, hoping to give it a thrilling atmosphere and the feel of grandeur that it deserves. We have also been working on more Fanatic and Weapon designs and their final 3D models. Keep reading to find out more about these awesome developments and learn more about TryHards’ game mechanics.

Arena Map from different perspectives

Arena Map (Environment)

With the initial design of the Arena finished, we will soon be able to render it in 3D. We are extremely excited to share that with you once it’s ready!

Besides the Arena, we have finalized the 3D design for the Electric Swift and the final concept for the Rapid Blaster. Every weapon in TryHards has unique attributes designed to fit different styles of play. The Electric Swift is an automatic pistol, for players who are confident in their accuracy. It has a high fire rate and a medium-sized clip, so it doesn’t need to be reloaded too often. The Rapid Blaster, on the other hand, is a burst rifle, which shoots three rounds per burst. Consequently, it is more adequate for short-range fighting, as the closer the player is to the enemy, the higher the chances of landing all three shots. While it’s damage is relatively low, it is as lethal as any other weapon when in the right hands.

Final 3D model for the Electric Swift automatic pistol

Final Concept for the Rapid Blaster burst rifle

On launch, TryHards will be able to choose from an arsenal of 10 weapons, which include pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, light machine guns and a sniper rifle. In the future, we will introduce new weapons — as well as new Fanatics -, to further diversify the TryHards gaming experience.

Next up, we have the final 3D model for one of the Fanatics most beloved by TryHardians: Apin. Worry not, the straight tale is simply so for design purposes and once animated, Apin will look awesome. Additionally, we have finalized the high-poly 3D model for Kazar, the most lethal Tracker on Talosium, the planet of the Robots.

High-poly 3D model for Kazar (Faction of the Robots)

Final 3D Model for Apin (Faction of the Apes)

Who would you rather have on your side, TryHards? Each Fanatic has a unique set of stats, making them different from all other Fanatics. Some Fanatics may have slight advantages over others, which also depends on the player’s fighting style and their weapon of choice. The stats are as follows: Health, Attack, Armor and Movement Speed. When in the Arena, Fanatics will have an Energy Shield, too. Once the shield is depleted, the damage received by the Fanatic will depend on the enemy’s damage and their own armor. If the Fanatic has been leveled up by the player, they may have skills that provide them with an armor boost, temporary immunity or the ability to reflect shots for a short time.

That’s it for today, TryHardians! We hope you like what our team has been working on. Stay tuned for more updates on the game’s design and development, and to learn more about how TryHards’ game mechanics will work.

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