TryHards Joins the Netvrk Metaverse

2 min readOct 2, 2021


TryHards joins the Netvrk Metaverse

We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with the blockchain-based metaverse, Netvrk. From day one, TryHards is collaborating with numerous platforms to bring blockchain gaming to the larger audience.

Netvrk is a metaverse and by collaborating with them, TryHards allows its players to socialize and interact within the game. TryHards integrates the blockchain shooter game into the virtual world of Netvrk to provide an altogether different gaming experience to the players. TryHards joins with the large network of Netvrk partners that support play-to-earn blockchain gaming.

We are excited to build a fully functioning headquarters inside the Netvrk metaverse. Netvrk has brought the virtual world into reality by allowing users to own virtual lands, NFT-based assets, ad space in the metaverse. TryHards will be able to provide a seamless gaming experience to the players by linking the game into the Netvrk metaverse.

About Netvrk

Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain with powerful creation tools and infrastructure to easily create, share, experience, and monetize creations. With the well-crafted design and quality content, Netvrk allows its users to create apps and content with no technical knowledge.

Having its focus on gaming, education, and virtual workplaces, Netvrk was built around the ownership of virtual land and assets. The platform is beneficial to all kinds of users and it also provides multiple ways of monetization for businesses.

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About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter game powered by the Polygon network. The TryHards game takes place on Planet X. The users of TryHards will be playing the game as ‘fanatics’. When users engage and win as many fights as possible, they can upgrade the characters and weapons.

The more fights players win, the greater will be the ‘power’ gained. It can be staked to earn TRY native tokens. TryHards also has a marketplace that enables trading fanatics, crystals, weapons among the community members. Having an exceptional interface and gaming experience, TryHards allows its users to ‘Play Win Earn’.

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.