TryHards’ Metaverse Alliance with Arcane Bear

2 min readOct 12, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Arcane Bear joined the TryHards in a Metaverse Alliance. TryHards is joining forces with multiple platforms and promising individuals in the blockchain space to bring an extraordinary gaming experience to its users. As we head to the launch, we believe that alliances like these are crucial for bringing the full-fledged blockchain shooter game to gaming enthusiasts across the world.

Arcane Bear is built with a passion for blockchain technology and its disruptive applications in several fields. The team of Arcane Bear consists of experienced and talented investors, blockchain & crypto experts. They believe in the potential of blockchain to spread wealth transparently. Arcane Bear is also known for its wildly engaged community members who are committed to supporting and contributing to a future with more choice, access, connection and possiblity. As a blockchain-based shooter game, TryHards is glad to have the support of Arcane Bear in scaling and developing the project further.

An alliance with Arcane Bear helps TryHards in the key concepts of high-level marketing and crypto consulting. Having a strong experience in the marketing space, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertisements, Arcane Bear assists TryHards to expand the project in multiple digital platforms. In addition to investing, consulting, and marketing services Arcane Bear also provides necessary tools & resources to level up the TryHards’ journey in the digital world.

As an innovative blockchain shooter game, TryHards is drawing attention from different platforms and big players in the space. More partnerships and associations are on the way to support and accelerate growth and development as we head to the launch of TryHards.

About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter game powered by the Polygon network. The TryHards game takes place on Planet X. The users of TryHards will be playing the game as ‘fanatics’. When users engage and win as many fights as possible, they can upgrade the characters and weapons.

The more fights players win, the greater will be the ‘power’ gained. It can be staked to earn TRY native tokens. TryHards also has a marketplace that enables trading fanatics, crystals, weapons among the community members. Having an exceptional interface and gaming experience, TryHards allows its users to ‘Play Win Earn’.

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.