Introducing TryHards NFT Burning

3 min readJun 15, 2022


The UI/UX is still object to change

Hey TryHards!

We are thrilled to present to you the flaming new NFT-burning. WE must note, however, that at TryHards, we will do things a bit different. Instead of being actually burned, the NFTs which players dispose of will be donated to the Militia in order support their essential operations on Planet X.

How Does NFT-Burning Work in TryHards?

Under the Game Hub tab on the dApp, players can find the Burn NFT section, where they can burn NFTs in return for crafting crystals. Players will receive crystals corresponding to the quality of the NFT they burn. The amount of crystals a player receives depends on the individual UP of the burned NFT. Players can burn up to a maximum of 5 NFTs at once.

Once the NFT is definitively burned, said NFT will disappear from the player’s inventory and the corresponding UP will be deducted from the player’s total UP.

How Much Does It Cost to Burn NFTs?

Burning NFTs entails a cost of 10 $TRY per burn. The cost is the same for burning one or up to a maximum of five NFTs, excluding transaction costs in MATIC. In turn, all the $TRY collected from NFT burning will be added to the community rewards wallet.

What Are the Rewards for Burning My NFTs?

Players will receive crafting crystals in exchange for burning their NFTs. The quality of the crystals received will correspond to the quality level of the burned NFTs.

What is the Militia? And What Kind of Rewards Do They Offer?

The Weapon and Fanatic NFTs that you burn will not simply disappear, but will be enlisted in the Militia, a paramilitary force tasked with leading expeditions on Planet X and keeping the Arena and its surroundings safe from monsters and criminals. The Militia has its own UP, which will grow as more burned NFTs are enlisted. For each burned NFT, the Militia’s UP will be increase by the same UP amount. For every 100,000 UP the Militia accumulates, TryHards will hold a special event!

These events will be randomized and automatically regulated by a smart contract.


1. Harvest TRY from NFT staking and burn it.

2. Harvest TRY from NFT staking and deposit to tournament address.

3. Harvest TRY from NFT staking and deposit to NFT staking address.


The Militia sounds cool, right? But who runs this essential operation?

Well, who could be better qualified to run the Militia than the Pride of the Eseperanzan Armada herself, Arma? She has led myriad expeditions throughout the Known Galaxies, exploring dozens of planets, hostile or not, on behalf of the Esperanzan Armada, and many an elite marine has trained under her tutelage. With her at the head of the Militia, Planet X couldn’t be safer for her new inhabitants. This is what she has to tell you when you drop by the Milita Headquarters:

“They told me it was going to be bad, but this… We’ll take any help, as long as you’re good for it. That’s what the 10 $TRY is for, it’s what your word is worth to me. But this place doesn’t run itself, pal! Whaddaya have for me?”

What do you say, TryHards? Will you help the Militia fulfill their duties?

We sure hope you will!

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