TryHards Partners Up with Breach

2 min readMar 25, 2022


We are thrilled to announce that TryHards is joining hands with the gaming ecosystem Breach!

About Breach:

Breach is the first Terra Luna gaming ecosystem transforming gamers’ online identity into a Metaverse Avatar that levels up from dueling, socializing, and matching. It’s a gamified social platform to discover new games, find players to match with on whether online games or blockchain games, play-to-earn, connect, form guilds, share your game highlights, and find gaming content.

Breach is building native NFT games ranging from NFT card game, FPS, Fighting and more. In addition to gaming, Breach Social enables all gamers to connect with the world and as they do, gain XP points and levels adding more power to their Metaverse Avatars.

One Avatar. Owned by you. Working for you. Upgrade it in one game and use it in all the others!

About TryHards

TryHards is an NFT-based blockchain shooter powered by the Polygon network. TryHards players can collect characters (fanatics) and weapons, and use them in both PvP and PvE battles, offering several ways to earn. Players can also upgrade their fanatics and weapons to increase their Universe Power, which determines their daily rewards in TryHards’ native TRY tokens.

TryHards also has an in-house marketplace where players can trade their fanatics, crystals, weapons with each other. With an exceptional interface and gaming experience, TryHards allows its users to ‘Play, Win, Earn’. By gamers, for gamers.

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Tryhards is an NFT Based Blockchain Shooter Powered by Polygon. Play Win Earn. Gain more power Fight for honour and conquer Planet X.