TryHards Reveals Developing Game Studio: Argentics

2 min readMay 26, 2022

Argentics is behind the development of the TryHards 3D game

Hey TryHards!

The TryHards team are extremely happy to finally announce that we have been working with the game studio Argentics for the development of our game. We couldn’t be happier with the results they have been delivering, including the amazing arena and character designs and the unique, stunning animations they have created. Let’s learn a bit more about Argentics.

Being inspired by their creative drive from 2017, Argentics develop games and gamified applications end-to-end for various platforms. On top of that, they are pretty damn good at creating stunning 2D and 3D art in all of its shapes. In 2021, the Argentics team branched into NFT game development, eager to bring their solid industry experience into the realm of blockchain technology. Currently, Argentics boasts an extensive team of over 80 gaming industry veterans and enthusiasts, working on several promising projects in studios in the USA, Israel and Ukraine. Now, Argentics is helping us make the TryHards dream come true.

We hope to continue our work with this amazing game studio in order to realize our goal of making the TryHards metaverse a unique, ever-expanding, immersive experience!

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