TryHards Token Vesting

Token Vesting

As we enter the final hours leading up to our TGE, We’re overjoyed to feel the excitement of our community and can say with certainty that the TryHards team matches that energy. However, even with emotions running high, we haven’t lost sight of the importance of keeping our investors both confident and safe after the $TRY TGE.

Far too many times, we have witnessed projects release the total token allocation to individual investors all at once, leading to an inevitable sell-off. Taking this route not only crashed the price but also the momentum that these projects had built up as they neared their listing dates. It severely hampers the chances of sustainable growth and kills the mood, so to speak, for long-term investors.

To avoid this and ensure that TryHards delivers in both gaming and on paper, we’ve decided to take a common route implemented by many projects which are known as token vesting. Through this process, a percentage of the tokens that are allocated to each investor is unlocked periodically until all of the tokens are distributed.

Let’s use simple numbers to give you a clear example of what this entails. Let’s suppose an investor contributes to a project and receives 1000 tokens with a vesting period of 12 months. Let’s also assume that the allocations are unlocked at a rate of 10% which is 100 tokens. This means that over the 12 months, the investor will receive 8.18% of the total allocation until the vesting has been completed.

In the case of TryHards, we will use a different vesting schedule and percentages in the example listed above.

Different vesting schedule and percentages

The scheduled release of tokens will help keep the price of $TRY stable over the coming weeks and months which ultimately will encourage more investors to hold and new investors to join us!

You can access TryHards Vesting Portal HERE.

Please note:

  1. If you have invested through Investment Funds, you may not have access to our Vesting Portal. In such cases, your Investment Funds would help you.
  2. We advise all investors to check the exact amount of tokens they have unlocked to prevent any transactions from failing if they choose to sell.

Above all else, we wish to thank you all for your continued support and enthusiasm and look forward to seeing you at our launch!

Token Vesting Portal
Our $TRY token Vesting Portal will be open for SEED, STRATEGIC, PRIVATE & IDO investors at 16:00 UTC on November 24th. Use this link.

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