TryHards FAQs for Beginners

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FAQs for Beginners

What is TryHards?

TryHards is a blockchain, NFT-based metaverse and play-to-earn top-down shooter on the Polygon Network.

How does it work?

Players use their characters (Fanatics) and weapons to fight each other, wagering our native $TRY tokens and earning income in the process. On top of that, the game has a social element, with a hub where players can interact with each other as well as with NPCs to receive in-game services.

How can I join the TryHards metaverse?

In order to play TryHards, players need to purchase at least one character (Fanatic) and one weapon in the form of an NFT. For now, it is required to have a Metamask wallet connected to the Polygon Network. Here’s a guide. (link)

I’m not into crypto, can I still join in on the fun?

TryHards is a game made by gamers for gamers. However, we believe in the immense potential of the marriage between blockchain and NFT technology and gaming. We don’t want TryHards to shut anyone out; on the contrary, we would love for it to be an opportunity for people without crypto experience to discover this world and join the revolution.

What do I need to play TryHards?

You will need a PC and a mouse. We are also working on a mobile version that we hope to release in late 2022. Of course, you will also need to get your hands on a Fanatic and a Weapon NFT.

Where can I get TryHards NFTs?

NFTs can be purchased on our web platform, on the Smuggler page, using $TRY. Alternatively, players can trade our NFTs with other players on our Plaza marketplace using USDC, or on OpenSea. Here’s a thorough guide on how to get started. (link)

How can I get $TRY tokens?

Our native tokens, $TRY, are available for trading on Quickswap (Polygon). Later on, once we integrate Binance Smart Chain (BSC), $TRY will also be tradable on Pancakeswap.

What can I use $TRY for?

Besides purchasing Fanatic and Weapon NFTs from the Smuggler, $TRY can be used for a variety of other purposes:

  • Purchasing in-game items
  • Providing liquidity
  • Wagering/Staking
  • Contributing to our upcoming DAO, Guardians of the Armory

Later on, as the game develops, players will be able to use $TRY to join multiplayer quests and seasonal events

When will the final game launch?

Alpha testing is set to begin in Q1 2022, so the finalized 3D metaverse should be up and running by the second semester.

How can I earn from TryHards?

There are several ways to earn in TryHards. First, NFTs are automatically staked, so simply by holding them, players derive daily rewards in $TRY from the staking rewards pool. Secondly, players can earn by playing the game. In PvP battles, players stake some of their $TRY, and the winner takes all (minus a 10% fee). Finally, players can sell their NFTs at the Plaza marketplace or on OpenSea.

Are NFTs limited?

TryHards NFTs come in six levels of quality, ranging from Normal to Legendary. NFTs in the lower quality tiers will be unlimited, but for higher quality NFTs, the supply will indeed be limited, so as to ensure that their value reflects their higher quality and rarity.

How can I increase the value of my NFTs?

NFTs have a Universe Power attribute. The total Universe Power value of a player’s NFT collection will determine their $TRY rewards from the staking pool. Players can level up their NFTs by using Crystals. Here is a thorough guide on how to level up your NFTs. (link)

Is TryHards a pay-to-win game?

This is a crucial question, and the answer is a resounding NO! The quality level of the NFTs reflects their rarity, and therefore, their value and profitability, but it doesn’t affect the stats or performance of Fanatics in-game. TryHards is and will always remain a skill-based game.

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